Monday, October 02, 2006

Conspiracy Theories for Morons

Are you tired of "The Government", "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", and "Liberal Media" lying to you? Do you think that the world's affairs are run by a select group called the "Illuminati", "Bilderberg Group", "Trilateral Commission", or the Reptilians? Do you see evidence of cover-ups in even the most mundane events? If so, Conspiracy Theories for Morons may be the book for you.

You, too can defy scientific and journalistic facts in favor of crazy, baseless claims. The 9/11 Conspiracy is childs play compared to what this book will help you create. Conspiracy Theories for Morons contains the following contents for would-be conspiracy theorists:
  • Chapter One: Suspension of Disbelief--History of Conspiracy Theories
  • Chapter Two: Use of Circular Logic
  • Chapter Three: All Critics Must be Part of the Conspiracy
  • Chapter Four: Misdirection and Outright Fabrications--They Use Them...Why Shouldn't You?
  • Much, much more...
Order now and get 25 FREE conspiracy templates (incl. the popular 9/11 was staged by the Bush Administration).

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