Monday, October 02, 2006

Pot Heads Make Bad Criminals & 10 Things Never to Say to Cops

Police in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may have apprehended the world's dumbest criminal this weekend. When he arrested for having two pounds of pot in his backpack, he told police that it wasn't his...because he had stolen it. (article) The Cedar Rapids Police Department is investigating the alleged break-in to determine if additional charges should be filed.

As a Public Service, Monkey Fartz has compiled the following list of Ten (Other) Things NEVER to Say to the Cops:

10. The gun under my seat is much larger.
9. Wanna buy some weed?
8. What's the statute of limitations for bank robbery in this state?
7. Please ignore the screaming from the trunk.
6. No, YOU have the right to remain silent.
5. I'm not sure how much I drank...I passed out after the 8th shot.
4. She's pretty hot for 16, isn't she?
3. That grenade launcher is for hunting.
2. Do I smell bacon?
1. Please be careful when you frisk me, I don't want to balloon up my ass to burst.

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