Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whiny Lib Geek: "We Want Stewart and Colbert for Free"

The Free Stewart and Colbert Movement! (link) recently posted a length diatribe on how The Daily Show and Colbert Report should be available on the web for free. Below is a summary of the FSCM case:

  • Geeks do a lot of geeky stuff totally unrelated to their position
  • [lib] Geeks Like Stewart and Colbert
  • Said geeks are angry and bored with TV, music, movies...blah blah blah
  • They promise to "download commercials" in exchange for open-format videos
I got bored halfway through, so it probably has some other points of equally stunning quality as well. My response:
  • It's not Comedy Central's fault your grandma's basement doesn't have BASIC cable
  • Stop buying Anime porn and Star Trek memorabilia and you may be able to afford the $1.99 it costs to get episodes off iTune.
  • Thinly veiled threats (or weak humor) about hacking their "bank accounts, e-mail, and children's school grades" may not be an appropriate motivator. I'm not sure their target demo is the cyber-criminal who generally steals the Copyrighted content they sell.
  • The "I probably make more money than you" approach is only slightly less pathetic than the Geek Threat approach.
  • For $69, you could probably HIRE Rutger Hauer to beat an accountant.
  • "Creepy, geek videos" already beat you to it
  • If you're bored with tv, music, movies (etc.) GO OUTSIDE ONCE IN AWHILE
Apparently, these geeks have forgotten that we live in a fascist dictatorship...I mean democracy with a free market economy, not some kind of crazy Socialist society. If you want a product/ generally have to pay for it. Stop whining and get back to monitoring the network, chunking code...or whatever it is you geeks do.

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