Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Ten Craziest Conspiracy Theories

There are SO many to choose from that these are probably not the craziest...but they're still pretty damn crazy. Make sure your tin-foil hat is firmly in place before proceeding:

10) Katrina was by the Yakuza. (link)

9) AIDS created by the US Government to gain advantage in Cold War (link)

8) John Lennon was killed by CIA-programmed assassin to silence his “anti-government radical political activity” (link)

7) The world is controlled by shape-changing reptilian aliens (link)

6) Barcodes are the “mark of the beast” promoted by the Illuminati (link)

5) 2005 Tsunami caused by India-Israel nuke test (link)

4) The Nazi-UFO Connection (link)

3) Apollo Moon Landing was a Hoax ( link)

2) KFC-KKK Konnection (link)

1) Tie between 9/11 was an “Inside Job” (link) and Global Warming (link)

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