Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Tyler Durden-Hobbes Connection

Galvin P. Chow, from Metaphilm.com, recently released a report that links the characters from "Fight Club" to the beloved "Calvin & Hobbes" comic strip from the 1990's. Below is a summary of Mr. Chow's hypotheses:

  • The Hobbes-Tyler Durden Connection
  • Marla Singer--Avatar of Susie Derkins?
  • GROSS--Precurser to Fight Club?
  • Moe Develops Karma "Man Boobs"
  • Dad--The Root of All Evil
  • Calvin: "I am Jack's Lost Youth"
Mr. Chow provides a thorough analysis for each of the findings listed above. The truth may shock you. Please show Mr. Chow support and read his report here.

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