Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top 10 Songs on Castro's iPod

(MFRTZ) Monkey Fartz operatives have penetrated the innermost sanctum of Castro's palace in order to find the answer the question being asked around the globe: "What is on Castro's iPod". Our team took heavy losses, but we are proud to delivery what they were able to send (before dying) in this Monkey Fartz Exclusive:

10. Don't Fear the Reaper (More Cowbell Remix) ~ Blue Oyster Cult
9. Dyin' in the Sun ~ Cranberries
8. When Death Calls ~ Black Sabbath
7. In His Room ~ Nirvana
6. I'm Dyin' Tomorrow ~ Alkaline Trio
5. The Great Gig in the Sky ~ Pink Floyd
4. Fixin' to Die ~ Bob Dylan
3. Thanks for the Memories ~ Frank Sinatra
2. Power to the People ~ John Lennon
1. Auf Wiedersehen/Don't Let it Get You Down (Medley) ~ Cole Porter
We here at MFRTZ are not quite sure what this means, other that Fidel has ecclectic musics tastes...and may be a little gay.

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