Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kim Jong-Il: "Hey! We're Still a Threat!"

Refusing to be upstaged on the world's Top Ten Threats list by Iraq, Al Queda, the Taliban, Iran, Chavez, and E Coli-tainted vegetables; North Korea has ALLEGEDLY conducted an underground test of a nuclear device.

While most analysts believe this is an attempt to resume unilateral talks with the US, North Korean Entertainment insiders believe this may be a press stunt to publicize Kim Jong-Il's new album: "Hey! We're Still a Threat!"

Details are sparce on this upcoming release, but rumors suggest it's a smooth miz of Korean R&B, Hip-Hop, and traditional Chong-Ak.

Tracks Reportedly Include:
1) Word to my Commies
2) Rads and Ho's
3) Get Your Nuke On (featuring DJ Song-Park)
4) Best Thang Nukin'
5) Kim Jong Illin'

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