Friday, September 15, 2006

When Nuns Attack

UPI posted a story today (link) about a jealous Sicilian nun who torched a priest's home and threatened him in a jealous rage. Sister Silvia Gomes De Sousa (39) allegedly found Rev. Carmelo Mantarro (70) in bed with another woman...who was married. Let's count up the sins here:

  • Sister De Sousa Sin #1: Broke vows of chastity.
  • Sister De Sousa Sin #2: Adultery (nuns are married to Christ)
  • Sister De Sousa Sin #3: Wrath (one of the Deadly Sins)
  • Sister De Sousa Sin #4: Lust (another Deadly Sin)
  • Sister De Sousa Sin #5: Envy (yet another Deadly Sin)
  • Sister De Sousa Sin #6: Having sex with a 70 year-old man (not a sin...but gross)
  • Rev. Mantarro Sin #1: Broke vows of chastity
  • Rev. Mantarro Sin #2: Adultery / Coveting thy Neighbor's wife
  • Rev. Mantarro Sin #3: Lust
  • Rev. Mantarro Sin #4: Greed (At LEAST Two Women at Age 70)
  • The Reverand's Whore #1: Adultery / Lust
Total Sin Count (estimated): 11...not too bad considering two of the three parties involved were clergy.

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