Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Top 15 Similarities between Evangelicals and Environmentalists

CBS News recently published an article on how Evangelical "Pro-Lifers" are putting years of distrust and liberal-bashing aside to take on environmentalist causes (link). On the surface, these groups seem to be diametrically opposed.

Upon further research, it appears they share several (15, actually) similarities:

15) They both start with “E”, end with “S”, and have all kinds of crazy in the middle
14) You don’t want to be corned by either at a Cocktail Party
13) Their movies suck (Ens - Evs)
12) Both find opposing views and data irrelevant.
11) Neither group has ever sponsored a NASCAR team
10) Both have some CRAZY Women (Ens - Evs)
9) Neither group is above using terrorist tactics to save lives (Ens - Evs).
8) Both are fueled by hot air.
7) Their action figures are lame (Ens - Evs)
6) They share custody of Moby (link)
5) Their devout followers are unencumbered by critical/original thought.
4) Both have been preaching that “The End is Nigh”
3) Both agree that and exact date for “Nigh” is difficult to pin down
2) Both make HORRIBLE political parties (Ens - Evs)

-and, finally...-

1) Both tell me I am going to burn unless I change my lifestyle.

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