Friday, September 08, 2006

Teens: Stop Stealing My Weed, Grandma!

According to a recent article (link), marijuana use among young teens went down for the third consecutive year - from 11.6 percent in 2002 to 9.9 percent in 2005. The same study also suggests a 2% increase amongst Baby Boomers. Based on this extensive research, I have two theories:

Theory #1: Hippies are Stealing Weed from their Grandchildren

While I really like this theory, I don’t have any evidence to support it…apart from the fact that hippies (even former ones) are sneaky. That leads me to Theory# 2…

Theory #2: Teens Don’t Need Weed for the Effects

According to the NIH (link) marijuana has the following effects with video evidence:

  • Loss interest in school, work, relationships and other activities (link 1 2 3)
  • Short Term Memory Loss (link 1 2)
  • Sleepiness/Laziness (link)
  • Paranoia (link)
  • Strange Behavior (link)

Doesn’t that describe ALL teens? Why would they waste money on weed…especially if their damn-dirty-hippy grandparents are just going to steal it anyway?

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