Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chewbaca's a Dick in Person

The winner of today's Captionary (or as I like to call it, "Pointy's Weak Attempt at User-Generated Content) is:

Guest 6077: "He's in a VW bug how big could he be?" "Tell him you wanna box"my friends said.
Guest 6077: my friends suck..

2nd Place:
Guest 7057: "Don't cry little man..Mongo stop hitting now."

People Who Can Type:

Guest 6077: Got Roids
Danke: Stop punching yourself, Stop punching yourself
Eleventhsun: "you are hairy like animal"
Guest 1104: Oh man, i hope i didn't get blood on your shit
Guest 6559: In soviet Russia punch throws you!
Mini Me: Hey! Where'd his head go?
Guest 3587: i'm going for the nuts! It's my only hope!
Guest 6030: Why do you keep hitting yourself?
Guest 7318: Oh SHIT!!!! O well too late to duck now X(
Guest 5939: get that glove away from my face! it smells like horse-urine with some eel droppings (?!?)
Guest 1408: please stop punching my nuts!

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