Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cheney to Chavez: "Bush Isn't Satan...I AM!"

Venezvuela's (where?) President Huga Chavez lost his mind Wednesday during his address to the United Nations (video). During his speech, he repeatedly referred to President Bush as "The Devil". Fueled by the initial laughs, he went on to rant that he still smelled the sulfur and brimstone. Click here for the full diatribe. The media has had some fun with this story, so you've probably heard all of this already...and even the Administration's official response (link).

What hasn't been covered by the "REAL" news is the Vice President's response. Dick has been silent to the Press, but insiders report that he's both outraged and a little hurt by the statements contending that "Bush isn't Satan...I AM. Everyone knows that, right?!?" Cheney was unavailable for comment but is reportedly back in Hell with Rumsfeld trying to regroup.

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