Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Sweet Jeebus!"

The Washington Post recently reportedthat a planned Holy Week display entitled "My Sweet Lord" was canceled due to outrage from Cardinal Edward Eagan, Catholics...and diabetics.

Cardinal Eagan described the display--a six-foot, "anatomically correct" Christ sculpted from chocolate--as "sickening" and strong-armed the gallery to immediately remove the exhibit.

While the claim of being "anatomically correct" is dubious, photos suggest that the artist was fairly generous considering the complete lack of historical or biblical evidence.

There have been much more reputable sources that have expressed outrage over the obvious issues of freedom of expression, religious intolerance, and the New York ban on trans-fats. I view this as yet another example of how out of touch the Catholic Church has become.

It's been awhile since I've crossed the threshold of a Church (due to a fear of lightning strikes), but I seem to remember a ritual where we celebrated eating the "body of Christ" with small, tasteless wafers. I'm not suggesting that communing with Our Lord needs to be an epicurean delight...but maybe the artist is on to something.

Who wouldn't prefer breaking off a chocolately-piece of the Savior while celebrating one of the Sacraments? I guess it is ok for the Virgin Mary to appear on a pancake, but God forbid displaying a naked Jesus made out of chocolate!

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