Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gnome-Napper Nabbed!

Monkey Fartz is happy to report that the mastermind (and her accomplice) behind over 30 gnome-nappings has finally been apprehended after an 18-month man hunt (link to real article).

According to the article, Alloa Sheriff Court heard that the mother-of-three was arrested along with friend Ann McCallum, of Delphwood Crescent, also Tullibody, following an 11-day undercover operation involving officers from both Central Scotland CID and the force's tactical crime unit.

While it is a blessing that 30 innocent gnomes will be given an opportunity to return to their lives, friends, families, and loved ones; who know how many more fell victim to the seedy (pun intended) underground trade of gnome-trafficking. Stenhouse and McCallum are reporting trying to strike a plea deal with local prosecutors in return for information that could lead to further gnome rescues.

For the time-being, all we can do is rejoice for the saved and pray for those lost souls still toiling in unknown/unfriendly gardens.

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