Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Could a Scientologist Really Pull Off an Anti-Nazi Role?

"Thetans BE GONE!"
Last week, it was announced that outspoken Scientology advocate Tom Cruis would play Col. Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg in an upcoming United Artists project featuring the failed assassination plot against Adolf Hitler Fuhrer.

Everyone hates Hitler, right...and who else better to play the role of Hitler's would-be assassin than someone who has bested aliens, Russian pilots, terrorists, Thetans, the pharmaceutical cartel, and intolerance against fake religions?

According to The Guardian (link to real news article) not everyone is pleased with the selection of Cruis for the von Stauffenberg role. The German war hero's family, which is Catholic, is concerned that Cruise could somehow use the film to promote Scientology.

Despite my thorough research and coverage of Scientology (link to fake news articles), I am struggling to see how this film (which I am assuming will paint the Nazis in a less-than-favorable light) could be used as a platform to promote Scientology's agenda. In fact, it can only serve to expose some of the "church's" more fascist practices as...well...fascist.

If you're new to the Internet, or just need a reminder, here are some of the highlights of the Scientology gag reel (link for more detail):
  • Battling Free Speech
  • Locking People Up Against Their Own Will
  • String of Well-Documented Criminal Activities (link)
  • Framing It's Critics (link)
  • Disolving the Family Structure (link)
  • Grass-Roots Defamation of Critics (link)
  • Go Here or Here for more...
Hmmm...what other group used these tactics (answer: Nazis)? Von Stauffenbergs: I wouldn't worry about Cruise promoting Scientology with this movie. Also, as Catholics, I wouldn't spend too much time pointing fingers at oppressive Churches that use their influence to promote their own agendas. I'm just sayin'...

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