Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Car Can "Save Your Marriage"

I was outraged after reading this ad. What I want to know, Car Manufacturers, is why aren't you dedicated to saving my marriage in 2006? Sure, back in 1967 you guys were all about designing a car that will meet "her every whim".

Groceries? No problem. You gave us cars that would fit 1.5 weeks worth and even gave it a lid that wouldn't crush our weak women. Now we have SUVs that are designed for stupid Soccer Moms carting around their bratty fat kids and their Kool Aid stained friends.

Your growing vehicles and heavy doors forced our women to do pilates and get buff...when they should be getting our food and dropping off our laundry.

I don't HAVE kids...but I still need groceries...and a 1950s wife to pick them up.

Where are you now, MG? and how the hell will my clothes get clean?!? You failed me, Detroit! Boo!

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