Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mark Foley: "Pity me...I am the victim!"

In an effort to avoid personal responsibility, former Congressman Mark Foley has spent the last few days casting himself as the victim. Below is the current list of forces conspiring against Foley:

  • Alcoholism (link)
  • Clergy Abuse (link)
  • Left Wing Smear Tactics (link)
  • “Gay Spin” (link)
  • Media Feed Frenzy(link)
I’m not sure how these things absolve inappropriate, borderline pedophilic behavior and abuse of power. Which of those items forced him to write inappropriate emails and instant messages to underage pages? Oh,'s easier to blame than to admit fault. This just reinforces my belief that personal accountability and MINIMAL moral standards are absent in politics. Ass.

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