Friday, September 15, 2006

A Woman and her "Service Monkey"

I have to admit that when I first ready this headline I was expecting a MUCH different story. Although, I was relieved to find out that Missouri wasn't the headquarters of some freakish underground monkey sex-slave fetish group.

That being said, CBS news (link) recently posted an article on a southwest Missouri woman that has asked the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to allow her to take her pet monkey into local restaurants.

Debby Rose, the Crazy Monkey Lady of Springfield, says her monkey provides emotional support that allows her to overcome an anxiety disorder and go out in public. Sure, everyone loves monkeys IN THEORY...but even we here at Monkey Fartz would rather not have monkey shit thrown about while out for a night on the town at The Sizzler. The health department also believes in Monkey-Poo Avoidance and therefore banned the monkey from the restaraunt.

I guess Rose will have to get her monkey servicing at home. [wink wink]

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