Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pedophilia Unprofitable--MySpace Opening Online Music Store

Largely due to a series of highly-publicized arrests (1) (2) (3) of MySpace predators, ad revenue generated by its once large pedophile base is now virtually non-existent.

To replace this crucial revenue stream, MySpace announced of Friday that it is going to offer an online music store with songs from over 3 million unsigned bands. An anonymous MySpace insider said this move was a natural evolution from its core business model of “exploitation and profiteering”. He went on to say, “This is really going to be a win-win for us. We can continue to exploit our teen user base—legally this time—while taking advantage of unsigned bands. Both will do exactly what we tell them to. Neither group is particularly intelligent or good with money.”

When asked about a new competitor on the block, an Apple spokesperson said, “Good luck to…who was it again? We’ll be ok. Our customers are smarter, better looking, hipper, and more affluent.”

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