Friday, September 08, 2006

Mickey: "No" Means "No"

Once again, I was both impressed and a little scared from the responses to the "Poor Mickey" Captionary. After much deliberation (...not really) the winner entry was from Loler with:

"5 year old girl demonstrates acute knowledge of anti-giant-maneating-mouse kung fu technique."
Congratulations, your prize money will go to the "Stingray Anti-Defamation League".

Notable Losers:
Guest 6384: What do you mean you're dating Minnie?!?!
Guest 409: worst.... 69..... ever!
lanway: Mia Hamm developed her skills at an early age, much to Mickey's horror.
Guest 6240: You distract Mickey while I steal this Asian baby!
Guest 5640: I HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!
Guest 9852: im mickey mouse bitch!
Guest 1909: lol
Guest 2144: I should have gone for full-time. Better insurance.
Guest 367: Some where over the rainbow
navy: neverland ranch, here we come!

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