Monday, September 18, 2006

In the Market for a NEW Crazy Religion? Try Scientology

In an effort to expand the scope of Monkey Fartz’s offensiveness, I thought I’d take a stab at Scientology. As a reformed Catholic (and current Pastafarian), I thought I was numbed to crazy dogma. In the 10 minutes it took be to “research” Scientology, I found out I could still be surprised at how well religions sell crazy. So, if you’re looking for a crazy religion…why not give Scientology a whirl?

Central Tennets (from

  • A person is an immortal spiritual being (termed a thetan) who possesses a mind and a body.
  • The thetan has lived through many past lives and will continue to live beyond the death of the body.
  • Through the Scientology process of "auditing", one can free oneself of "engrams" and "implants" to reach the state of "Clear", and after that, the state of "Operating Thetan". Each state is said to represent recovering the native spiritual abilities of the individual, and to confer dramatic mental and physical benefits.
  • A person is basically good, but becomes "aberrated" by moments of pain and unconsciousness in his or her life.
  • What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. No beliefs should be forced as "true" on anyone. Thus, the tenets of Scientology are expected to be tested and seen to either be true or not by Scientology practitioners.
  • Psychiatry and psychology are evil and abusive.
Wow. Judging from how accepting the Church of Scientology is of that a black helicopter outside of my window...

Some Interesting Scientology Resources:
  • Operation Clambake (Undressesing the Church of Scientology)—Link
  • Cost of Scientology—Links 1 2
  • CoS Front Organizations—Link
  • Comparative Look at Scientology—Link

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