Sunday, September 10, 2006

Carpooling Run Amok

Another fantabulous effort by the dozens of "faithful" Monkey Fartz curious onlookers. The winner of the "Carpooling Run Amok" Captionary is Gues 3653 with:

"Which way to America?"
A simple, yet powerful message on how bad Americans REALLY are with geography.

First Runner Up (Guest9393):
guest9393: this is a gay idea
guest9393: (as in this captionary thing)
guest9393: mostly because you can do what im doing right now
guest9393: and create a general nuisance of yourself, for no reason other than you're bored and waiting for dinner to be ready

Other Notables:
Guest 693: help! I can't breathe!
Guest 689: Thanks, your head makes a nice seat.
Guest 7097: Left Hand blue, Right foot green
Guest 9098: lick my balls
Guest 7013: Excuse me... can you give me directions to the Immigration Office?
Guest 8017: No one will guess what is in our trunk
Guest 116: "I still think we're better off then going to america"
Guest 4062: "Jump on mate, theres plenty of room up top"
Guest 5520: look i know i said id give anyone a lift that was going my way, but seriously your taking advantage of me now!
Guest 5865: The Taliban in full retreat.

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