Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bill O'Reilly and Censorship

Bill O'Reilly put the Cavalier Daily "on notice" for two of its recent comics (link). FTFA:

"Drawn by third year Grant Woolard as part of his comic strip Quirksmith, one depicts Jesus Christ crucified on a Cartesian x/y axis, the other shows a nativity scene in which Mary responds to Joseph’s concerns over a 'bumpy rash' by saying 'I swear, it was immaculately transmitted!'"
The cartoons have since been removed and replaced with the following apology from the artist:
Apparently, it is only ok for Bill O'Reilly to make insensitive/hate-mongering remarks like the following:
"We were talking about border patrol and the problems they were having. I'm going, "What's the jargon? What's the jargon? We got coyotes, right? Coyotes and we got wetbacks. Is that what they call them? Is that what they call them?" All right? And the guy goes, "Yeah. The wetbacks are the slang for the people who come over and the coyotes are the slang for the people who get paid to bring them over." (link)
I took some time to browse the Cav. Daily's comics and think it's great that students have a medium to flex their ideological and artistic muscles without reprisal from hypocrites like O'Reilly. Please check out their site and show some support (link to the Cav. Daily Comics). I plan on posted a few I thought were particularly amusing.

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