Monday, September 11, 2006

10 Reasons Why God Wants Rich Followers

According to Time Magazine’s cover story (link), Protestant Evangelicals believe that “God wants us to be rich.” Time’s article probably went into some detail explaining this, but the site required a subscription to read the full article. Undaunted and intrigued by the possibility of having this hours-old question answered, I eagerly took my “research” to the ‘Net (e.g. YouTube)”.

Below are the Top 10 Reasons God Wants Rich Followers...according to Evangelicals:

Reason #1: Prayer is Expensive (Link to Video)

Reason #2: God Needs Money (Link to Video)

Reason #3: Prevent Baby-Melting Satanists (Link to Video)

Reason #4: Embezzeling Is Hard (Link to Video)

Reason #5: Cell-Phone Healing (Link to Video)

Reason #6: Killing the name of God (Link to Video)

Reason #7: Combatting Global Warming (Link to Video)

Reason #8: Anti-Gay Parades (Link to Video)

Reason #9: Creation Evidence Museum (Link to Video)

Reason #10: Brainwashing Camps (Link to Video)

God was, however, unavailable for comment.

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