Monday, August 28, 2006

Australia's Continuing Campaign of Deception

According to Reuters, Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy (head of Australia's army) stated that the army is lowering recruiting standards in order to "boost troop numbers to combat regional instability". Regional instability? Please. I think it's obvious that Australia is continuing its long-standing campaign of deception in support of its ultimate goal--World Domination. It's the only logical conclusion.

To all of you nay-sayers, let me first assure you that my tin-foil hat is completely operational. The eveidence of Australia's true intentions has been mounting for years. The popularity of Paul Hogan, Foster's Beer, koala bears, Steve Irwin (Crocadile Hunter) and Elle MacPherson were always suspect. Well...maybe not the beer and supermodel, but almost certainly the rest.

Last week, video evidence surfaced that the Aussies are actively testing a troop insertion device to gain access to high-payoff target sites. Granted, all of the sites were in Australia and "Chaser's War on Everything" presented it as a humor piece, but that shows you JUST how crafty the Aussies are.

This latest news about "lowering recruiting standards" is even more alarming. The subtle message here is that "even our fat and asthmatic soldiers are better than yours." I think we better keep our collective eye on them, or soon we'll find ourselves playing AUSTRALIAN rules football, swilling beer, and singing rowdy drinking songs.

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